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I am a wife, mother, and follower of Christ. My name is MK and I'm a lover of the beach, welcome home kisses, Dr. Pepper, and kittens.
I have the best job in the world, capturing the beauty of God's finest creation.

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When it comes down to it, I'm just an artist passionate about her work. There's nothing fancy about me, nor is there anything too fancy about my work. My photographs are natural, genuine & fun. I find great satisfaction in turning everyday love into something extraordinary.

Megan + Denzil : Engaged

Don't get me wrong, I love being a natural light photographer, i.e. using the great outdoors for most of my sessions. However, occasionally we hit a streak of weather that permits sessions from happening. It seemed like EVERY weekend we scheduled Megan and Denzil's engagement session it rained, stormed, or there was a tornado of some sort. Luckily, on the day of their session the rain let up just as we were about to get started. Thankful for their flexibility and patience as we dodged the precipitation throughout the month!

 photo 2013-07-06_0001_zps159568c4.jpg

Megan and Denzil met on campus of SIUE, and it was easy to see that these two are very much in love. Thanks guys for being great to work with. Hope you love your images!

 photo 2013-07-06_0005_zps92dc1e52.jpg

 photo 2013-07-06_0002_zps4d9523e1.jpg

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Strate Family

I had the chance to meet Nicholas and his mom last year during my sessions with the Down Syndrome Association and was thrilled when Janet asked about a family session! I loved meeting the rest of her boys (including dad) and spending the evening with this sweet family. They were nothing short of polite and helpful, including carrying equipment and holding reflectors for me! Silly me dropped my phone during the session at our location and I had to search the grounds to find it. When I got back to the car, they had waited on me at the end of the road just to make sure I got back to my car safely. What a sweet and thoughtful family!

I hope you all loved your images from the session!  photo 2013-05-27_0003_zps2780ec1b.jpg

 photo 2013-05-27_0007_zpsbe94c67c.jpg

 photo 2013-05-27_0008_zps49230553.jpg

 photo 2013-05-27_0009_zps14858a6f.jpg

 photo 2013-05-27_0002_zps56b8f5c6.jpg

 photo 2013-05-27_0001_zps0c77715c.jpg

 photo 2013-05-27_0006_zps7e0efad5.jpg

Dani + Chance : I Do

When you live in the Midwest, you never know what to expect when it comes to weather. Severe weather can happen all seasons, even the weekend of your wedding. Dani and Chance had planned to have their wedding and reception at Little Piney Lodge in Herman, MO. However, the morning of their wedding they received a phone call apologizing for the inconvenience of being flooded out of their wedding venue. It was then that the search was on; to find local venues in a matter of a few hours. I got to witness incredible support and effort of family and friends of the couple work their tail off to make the best of the situation.

 photo 2013-06-11_0001_zps878babf9.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0005_zpsa6b8af99.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0002_zps575beb94.jpg

With the potential of being a very high-stress situation, everyone seemed calm and collected, including the bride and groom. There were moments in the day that were emotional, but the most memorable moment for me was when Dani and Chance had their first look. It was the first time that they had really been able to spend time just the two of them together, in the chaos of events.

 photo 2013-06-11_0006_zps445af7a3.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0007_zps515d85d6.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0012_zps60f034d5.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0011_zpsb5a118b0.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0014_zps535b7642.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0015_zps4e3a73d7.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0022_zpsdb0d8ff0.jpg

I like to think that things happen for a reason, and Dani and Chance's ceremony location was no exception. The ceremony took place on a beautiful scenic dirt road, lined with their loved ones. It was truly one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've photographed.

 photo 2013-06-11_0023_zps101dfa6e.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0024_zps20fa8ba6.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0025_zps3184595f.jpg

Couples are easy to photograph when they are so in love with one another. Dani and Chance literally glow when they're together, and I absolutely love it.

 photo 2013-06-11_0021_zps3a3b64ef.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0020_zpse3429b16.jpg

 photo 2013-06-11_0019_zps9f4f6429.jpg

 photo 2013-06-12_0001_zps7efc8b9c.jpg

This wedding party was awesome. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging....and FUN! What a fun group of friends and family to have.
 photo 2013-06-12_0005_zps2da9e5b8.jpg

 photo 2013-06-12_0006_zpsa6ec4737.jpg

 photo 2013-06-12_0006_zpsa6ec4737.jpg

 photo 2013-06-12_0010_zpsf9a55808.jpg

At the end of the day, it was party time, and these guys know how to party! Such a great time with friends and family for the happy bride and groom.
Dani and Chance: Herman, MO

Dress: Teresa's Bridal Boutique - Kirksville MO
Bridesmaid dresses: http://www.bestbridalprices.com/
Flowers: Hillermann's Nursery and Florist - Washington MO (Bouquets, boutonniere, and corsages ), Harold's Wholesale Florist - St. Louis MO (single stems used for decorations)
Catering: Angie from Trailside Bar and Grill  

What was your favorite part of your day?
Dani: First was seeing and experiencing the emotions of our first look. Second was walking down the "aisle." I loved how I was able to see every one of our guests lined up down the side of the road all the while still being able to see Chance. Not once did I have to remind myself to keep smiling simply because I felt so giddy and joyful, the whole day did not matter at that point because I was walking down the aisle to say "I do" to my very emotional best friend (Chance's emotions throughout the evening were also some of my favorite parts of the day).

 Chance: The first look was definitely the best part of my day. All of the setbacks we had experienced in the previous 12 hours didn't matter a bit because I was finally with my bride after several hours of being apart. One look at her in that dress and I was the happiest man on earth. What are a few memorable moments from the day?

What are a few memorable moments from the day?
Dani: I don't know exactly when it was, but sometime during the process of my girls helping me get ready I fell into this sort of calm that came with the realization that this wedding was going to happen. I was going to be getting married in a mere couple of hours.
First look and aisle walk were great as mentioned above, but so was the moment that Chance and I walked into the reception pavilion and he spun me and kissed me. In that moment I just felt completely relaxed and as he took control and tipped me backwards into the kiss.
Also, it was a very special moment when my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Burl helped us girls up into the bed of the truck and Uncle Burl drove us over to the ceremony site. I could just feel the love and pride radiate from my aunt and uncle. Additionally, the truck ride over was so great because each one of my girls was so giddy with excitement.

Chance: As I was walking towards the ceremony site with my groomsmen my older brother by nine years, and therefore my childhood and adulthood hero, walked up next to me and told me "the sun is shining on you, bud." This statement was perfectly representative of how blessed I felt at that moment and only my older brother could have put it so simply and so effectively.

Any advice for future brides and grooms? 
Dani: Basically, there will be some problems that arise on your big day. DO NOT plan for everything and expect it to go absolutely as planned. You will just be setting yourself up for disappointment. Plus, it is the moments that you never expected that will be the ones you hold closest to your heart when the day is over.

Chance: Remember what the day actually is about. Flowers are not priority, cake is not priority, even venue is not priority. What matters most on your wedding day is the same thing that has mattered most throughout your relationship and will continue to matter most for the rest of your life: your spouse. It is YOUR day, so enjoy. Let someone else stress about the details because someone else will already be doing just that.

Down Syndrom Assocation of Greater St. Louis 2013

Over the past couple of months I've been photographing for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis. This was my second year to shoot for them and as always, I was humbled and blessed to meet so many wonderful families with such amazing stories of love. Thank you to all the families who allowed me to photograph them this year! Here are just a few of my favorites from their sessions.

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well."

Psalm 139:14

 photo 2013-05-17_0002_zps4237571f.jpg
 photo 2013-05-17_0004_zps9a4d9d94.jpg

 photo 2013-05-17_0003_zpscf8575a1.jpg

 photo 2013-05-17_0001_zps5b1cd3d1.jpg

Maroon Family

Being a natural light photographer, sometimes the weather, just won't cooperate for me. We've rescheduled the Maroon family's photos several times due to rain, snow, and temperatures! I'm glad we did however, because we received gorgeous weather the date of their family session last week! You never know what to expect when you have kids of young ages, but the Maroon kids were a breeze to work with! Thank you guys so much for that! I loved meeting you guys last week and hope you enjoy your images!

 photo 2013-04-22_0003_zpsda1e078d.jpg

 photo 2013-04-22_0004_zps4811f4ce.jpg

 photo 2013-04-22_0002_zps29e9fa04.jpg

 photo 2013-04-22_0001_zps8ce618e1.jpg

 photo 2013-04-22_0007_zps27fbfcb4.jpg

 photo 2013-04-22_0005_zps6bb5a62f.jpg

 photo 2013-04-22_0009_zpsf0a4b5f1.jpg

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